woensdag 30 november 2011


Warning: this post contains images of vagina's and probably is not safe for work.
that having been said, let me start this blogpost..

A few weeks ago I started a project to get more in contact with my own body. I decided to create artwork for certain parts of the body, researching a different body part each week.

To get started on this, I figured I'd work on the most taboo bodypart first: the vagina. I researched, brainstormed about-, meditated on-, sketched, and eventually sculpted vagina's (mostly vulvas). Below are a few sketches, and the sculptures.

The sculptures can evoke strong reactions in people, from very positive and happy ones ("wow cool!!"), to mildly negative ones ("ewww gross!"), and ofcourse the cleaners at school who decided to rip them off the wall and throw them away. I guess that's what happens when you enter an area that is taboo. It definitely get's very interesting. I want to explore this subject further and dive into the (cultural) taboo's surrounding the vagina, but also explore the visual side of it.


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