woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Plublication in Vooys magazine

A while ago I was asked to illustrate an article for Vooys magazine for literature. They asked me to first create a test illustration for an already published article. When this image was approved, they sent me the text that I could illustrate for real. This text turned out to be a strongly opiniated article against a certain book and its author (Harry Mulisch: "Twee Vrouwen"). The writer went against two women (also writers) who've been praising this book and its author. One point of the author of the article was that all this phallocentrism (by Mulisch) shouln't be tolerated. I thought this was a nice place to start sketching from. The image was published in may 2011.

sketch 1

sketch 2

cover (image by Luc Princen)


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